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College Readiness for Long-term Success

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  1. What is a QEP?
    According to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), a Quality Enhancement Plan is a carefully designed course of action that is chosen through a collaborative process and has a well-defined focus topic area or issue related to enhancing student learning and/or the environment that supports student learning.

  3. Why is the QEP important?
    During every reaffirmation cycle, SACSCOC provides institutions with the opportunity to engage in an initiative that supports student learning. Because faculty play one of the most important roles in student success at SPC, this process emerges out of the research conducted by faculty and through discussions that take place at the faculty level in collaboration with other support staff across the college. This faculty-led initiative strives to meet the identified needs our neediest population of students, and yet has the potential to help “all” SPC students.

  5. What is the topic of SPC’s QEP?
    In April 2016, SPC’s Board of Trustees approved the College’s QEP topic: College Readiness for Long-term Success.

  7. How did SPC choose the topic for the QEP?
    St. Petersburg College began the QEP topic exploration process in August 2015 by involving a broad base of stakeholders with first-hand knowledge of college needs (faculty, staff, and students) in a Collaborative Labs brainstorming process to identify potential topics. Seven potential topics emerged from the process:

    • First-year experience.
    • College readiness.
    • Student success in online courses in highest enrollment courses or gateway.
    • Writing for highest enrollment classes.
    • Faculty engagement in student learning support for degree foundation courses
    • Subsequent critical courses on Pathways success.
    • Personal responsibility, social engagement and ethical decision making among students.

    Subsequently, a Topic Selection Committee was formed, comprised of faculty, students, alumni, and a variety of staff positions. The Committee met bi-weekly between September 2015 and April 2016.


  9. Who is working on the QEP at SPC?
    The QEP is a collaborative process. Faculty, students, learning support specialists, advisors, provosts, deans, and other staff have been working together to develop and implement the plan at SPC.

  11. How can I get involved in the QEP?
    Getting involved is easy. You can review the web site for more information: and send an e-mail to Sara Brzezinski, She will send you a calendar invite for the Quality Enhancement Committee (QEC) meetings.

  13. How will the QEP be assessed and evaluated?
    The plan was due in August, 2017, and the on-site visit took place in October 2017. The site visit members lauded the college’s commitment to students.