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Introducing the new Time Management Toolkit for faculty

Do your students struggle with time management?

Do you wish you had a resource you could provide
to your students in your MyCourses classes?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Ready, Set, Succeed! (RSS!) team has good news for you!

The Time Management Toolkit is ready and easy to import into your current MyCourses classes.


The tool contains videos, interactive activities, and suggested apps to assist students in their time management strategies. The toolkit does not contain graded content and is not monitored by anyone. This is solely a resource.

The estimated time for students to complete the toolkit is approximately 15 minutes, not including the prerecorded webinar.

If you would like to use this resource in your classes, please see the following tutorial on importing the content into your course:


You can also follow this Step-By-Step Instruction Sheet PDF.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you and enjoy this new resource!



  1. Adelle A. Bradley

    I work in the IT Department and I notice by not just being a student myself that Time Management is a major non strategy that most would have regardless of the age. I commonly hear well I have to work and that it is not fair if most get another view of the topic than the other student such as myself would. Time Management is one of the largest issues that students have beside not getting any rest for, on, or before the beginning of the day to accomplish school tasks. So when a teacher or an adjunct could verify the main issue Time Management especially in the Online Students.

    1. You are correct. We have found that Time Management consistently tends to be a challenging area for all students. We encourage faculty to work with students on their time management strategies in and outside of the classroom. This is definitely a crucial area to support students.

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